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Our Team

With education and experience in early childhood care
  • Our team consists of educators, administrators and assistants with experience and a passion for early childhood development and care.

  • As educators in early childhood development it is important for us to not only teach our future generations, but also to facilitate the optimal learning for each child we serve. GGLC encourages self directed learning and exploration, and promotes a child’s natural sense of curiosity. Our approach to childcare and preschool fosters confidence and a thirst for life long learning. 

    Our preschool staff aren’t just teachers, they’re facilitators. Each teacher has been hand selected based on their unique experiences and credentials in early childhood development, but rest assured, there is so much more to our staff than their credentials. Personality and a passion for children is a must when working with young children, and we take extra care to ensure that our teachers exemplify these characteristics.

    • Ms. Serena
      Director/Lead Teacher

      Ms. Serena

      Director/Lead Teacher

      Hello! My name is Serena yet, most know me as Teacher Serena. I have been a professional in the Child Development field for over 10 years. I currently attain a teacher permit and an A.A in Child Development. I have always cared for children, and grew up in a family that owned an in home daycare. I am a highly skilled, experienced, nurturing, and passionate Teacher/Caregiver. I believe children learn best when they have a nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment, and teachers helping expand on each child’s personal experiences through play, discovery, socialization, and personal care routines. All of which I practice daily with each child I interact with.
      When I am not working, I spend my free time with my two children
      I love art, cooking, children, basketball, music, and candles. I can’t wait to work with you, and your child.

    • Ms. Yessica
      Blossom Classroom

      Ms. Yessica

      Blossom Classroom

      Hola! I am Teacher Yessica. I have a passion working with children, and have found that children teach me as much as I teach them. I am currently continuing my education in child development. I enjoy singing songs and teaching Spanish. In my free time I like to draw and spend time with my friends.

    • Ms. Brooke
      Butterfly Classroom

      Ms. Brooke

      Butterfly Classroom

      Ms. Brooke has two furry children, a pit-bull and a chihuahua. She loves to hike, go on walks with her dogs and spend time with her niece and nephew. Her passion to give back to the community has led her to work with youth and children. Ms. Brooke see’s our children as our future and approaches her work knowing she can make a difference and have a positive influence.

    • Ms. Victoria
      Sprouts Classroom

      Ms. Victoria

      Sprouts Classroom

      Ms. Victoria brings over 10 yrs of work experience with preschool and after school care in the East Bay area.She is not be a biological mom but a universal mom to each and every child she encounters.In her free time she practices yoga and is an avid reader of new age and art books Ms. Victoria is also studying Latin and continuing her education in early childhood development and education.